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Thank you for your interest in the CPAC Pot or Not? debate between Americanna President (and conservative) Dan Anglin and Colorado Christian University’s Jeff Hunt.

As mentioned in the debate, we wanted to provide as many direct links and resources as possible, compiled together in one convenient place.

These aren’t “industry” backed studies, biased links, or opinion pieces. This are the basic reports, stats, and official references. Please use for your own personal education and far and wide as you dialogue with others on this critical issue.

All of us at Americanna appreciate your search for the truth and your genuine interest. #BeFree!


National Cannabis Links

Fox News: Support For Cannabis Legalization Is At An All Time High

Cannabis Less Dangerous For The Brain Than Alcohol

Koch: Protect Local Cannabis Laws

Freedom Partners: States Should Have Freedom to Enact and Enforce Their Own Cannabis Laws


Colorado Cannabis Links

Colorado: Cannabis Use Among Colorado Teens Declines Again

CDPHE: Heathy Kids Colorado Survey

Colorado DOR: Cannabis Sales Reports

Colorado DOR: Cannabis Tax Data

How Cannabis Is Saving Lives in Colorado 

Colorado Cannabis Industry Takes Initiative On Edibles And Safety

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