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CannAmerica in the news

Colorado cannabis safety regs limit edible shapes, enlarge potency labels

The former head of Edipure left the company known for its candy-like edibles to start edibles business AmeriCanna because he saw an opportunity to make proprietary shapes for the industry. AmeriCanna launched in early 2016 boasting gummies shaped like a pot leaf.

The leaf aligned with the ongoing public policy debates about edibles safety, Anglin said.

“I’ve seen these regulations come and people weren’t ready for them for whatever reason,” Anglin said. “We’ve made public policy, public safety and compliance as important as the quality of our product.”

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Americanna to expand distillation program after initial success with cannabis puffed gummies

“‘Garden-to-gummy’ edibles confectioner Americanna has announced a new company-wide distillation program, called Pure Distillate, to make purer cannabis concentrate.”

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Gummies And Mints Are Hits In The Edible Marijuana Market

“Gummies and mints are turning out to be hits at recreational dispensaries. In Colorado, Americanna’s Sour Leaf Gummies was the top seller in marijuana shops for 2016 and in Washington State, Mr. Moxey’s Mints are the big winner. ‘From the beginning, cannabis consumers embraced our gummies as well as our approach to crafting edibles,’ said Americanna CEO and founder Dan Anglin.”

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Americanna Gummies: Ethical, Colorado-Grown Sweet and Sour Edibles

“In an industry under constant scrutiny, the Americanna team decided to create the most socially responsible cannabis gummy in the Colorado marketplace. Since their inception, full transparency has been a top priority for Americanna; labelling is clear and consistent, in the hopes of reducing accidental consumption.”

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Building a Best-Seller

“Americanna scored a coup in 2016: Its Sour Leaf Gummies were among the top-selling recreational edibles in Colorado.

Moreover, Boulder-based Americanna accomplished that feat in just eight months. The company unveiled its cannabis leaf-shaped gummy in the spring of 2016. By the second half of the year it had climbed to the No. 1 spot and finished the entire year at No. 2 by volume and revenue, according to the data company BDS Analytics.”

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Meet The All-American Marine Making Cannabis Gummies That Aren’t Kid-Friendly

“This is about freedom,” says Anglin. “It’s about the right of adult consumers to make the choice of what type of product they want to consume, whether it’s beer, wine or marijuana. It should be up to the person as an adult. They should have that freedom, and not go to jail or lose their job.”

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