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Floodgates poised to open in Colorado with potential new wave of cannabis investors

Dan Anglin, a founder and chairman of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, noted that investment opportunities in Colorado increased a couple of years ago when the state allowed nonresidents into the market – although the available pool was capped at the 15-person limit.

The ban on publicly traded companies remained a big roadblock.

Additional access to investment, Anglin noted, would help Colorado companies participate in what is a “very expensive business,” marked by high costs to build infrastructure and ensure compliance with regulations.

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Six Examples of Fake News About Marijuana

“Dan Anglin is a leader in the cannabis industry, and in February, he took on some marijuana opponents at CPAC [the Conservative Political Action Conference, another event staged on the Colorado Christian University campus]. It was kind of a big deal when you consider it. You had the most prolific conservative convention in America invite someone from the marijuana industry to debate Jeff Hunt, perhaps one of the most high-profile conservatives against marijuana right now.”

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NCIA trying to unify state marijuana trade associations, but is competition on the horizon?

“This has been the biggest problem for all of our state-based associations,” said Dan Anglin, who helped found the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, also known as C4.

“Retailers want different things from manufacturers, and manufacturers want different things from cultivators, and commercial industry wants something different than the caregivers, and consumers want something different than all of them.

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Dan Anglin On The Steffan Tubbs Show

Dan Anglin, founder of Americanna, joins Steffen Tubbs to discuss the newly approved coffee shop, The Coffee Joint, that allows cannabis use.

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CPAC 2018 – Pot or Not?: A Debate on Marijuana Legalization

Dan Anglin joins Jeff Hunt to debate legalization of marijuana at CPAC 2018.

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How Colorado’s Edible Pot Market Went From Public Enemy To Public Health Leader

The entire process takes seconds, but it represents the culmination of a long regulatory journey for Colorado’s edible marijuana industry – one that AmeriCanna owner Dan Anglin is urging Canada to learn from.

“I’ve heard it all. I know what they’re going to say before they say it. ’What about kids who are at a party and somebody gives them weed candy?’ OK, well, if you create a symbol like Colorado did…it gives them an opportunity to educate the public,” said Anglin.

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